Client Testimonials

“I have been in the field of nutrition for 20 years as a dietitian, and have worked with a number of physical fitness trainers. I’ve found Sean to be one of the best. In the years that I have known him, he has proven to be a dedicated motivator and teacher. He possesses a great knowledge of the human body, and he is able to explain complicated biological processes in a most enjoyable and easy way. I recommend Sean without reservation.” – Carrie Latt Wiatt – Owner, Diet Designs

“When I started looking for a personal trainer, I wanted one with credentials that meant something. As a registered dietitian (RD) and a past president of the American Dietetic Association, I know there is a lot of misinformation about nutrition and fitness out there, especially in health clubs.  When I saw that Sean had completed the rigorous requirements of the CSCS credential (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist), I knew that I would be learning from someone with detailed knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. Sean makes sure that any information he gives out about exercise or nutrition is accurate and science-based. Beyond this critical factor, Sean is an amiable, unselfish person of high character who tailors your workout to you and your goals and helps you achieve results beyond what you think may be possible.” — Marty Yadrick, RD, past president American Dietetic Association

“I am an orthopedic surgeon in Southern California and recommend Sean as a personal trainer. He is an intelligent, personable and knowledgeable individual. He has had formal training in a number of subjects including Kinesiology (the science of muscle actions in the body). Therefore, he understands how to train for strength and aerobic fitness while avoiding injury. In trying to become more physically fit, I have found Sean to be non-judgmental and careful with his clients.” – Dr. Lauren Colloff, M.D. 

“In my practice, I often refer patients who are in need of muscle strengthening and conditioning to Sean because of his vast knowledge of biomechanics, and maintaining joint function and integrity. The collaborative efforts of an experienced trainer, such as him, have assisted in expediting the recovery process for many of the athletes in my care. His continuing studies in the fields of fitness and nutrition, along with his superior communication skills, make it possible to achieve maximum results in the safest and most effective manner. His enthusiasm and dynamic personality make the workout experience exciting, and his motivation skills are unparalleled. I have worked with many trainers over the years. Sean is one whom I truly respect and trust.” – Dr. Gregory Vanvakaris 

“I’ve been training with Sean for over ten years now, and I couldn’t recommend him more. He’s attentive and adapts workouts easily to your needs. I trained with him through two pregnancies…worked out both times up until the final weeks!  And then worked with him to successfully get back to pre-pregnancy weight. He works in a variety of different kinds of styles…he does kick-boxing if you are interested in that, etc. But most importantly, he is a great person…a pleasure to spend an hour at a time with. He’s supportive and inspiring. Also a plus…he works at gym that is very private and not intimidating. Run don’t walk!!” — Erin Wehrenberg

“I have been training with Sean for well over 2 years now. He has helped to transform my body and the overall way I think about fitness. He creates realistic goals for your body type and helps to keep you motivated so those goals are fully reachable. More importantly, he keeps your routines fun, energetic and challenging so you walk away feeling like you had an effective workout. I am so thankful to Sean for being such a great teacher and role model!” — Corey Spiegel 

“I have been working with Sean for over a year now.  In that time, I have not only lost 50 lbs. but more importantly, I have kept it off easily.  Sean really knows about the human body and can identify the best way to work out each individual for the greatest results.  Sean avails each client of his expertise which motivates you to become the best you can be.  I highly recommend Sean for anyone who wants to make a difference in their health and life.” — Bennett Roberts

“I’ve been a client for 3+years. Throughout that time Sean has continued to  make my workouts challenging and engaging. Sean has an amazing knowledge of body mechanics and will make sure you complete each routine using good form and avoiding risk of injury. Sean has great passion for his profession and has a compelling and engaging style. You’ll never be bored if you train with Sean!” — Mike Beary

“Sean is the first trainer I’ve ever used. As long as he’s around, he’ll be the only trainer i’ll use. He’s not like the typical muscle bound jock who helps you lift weights. Sean diversifies my workouts each and ever time which keeps it fresh. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Body and equally gives me the mental training I need to prepare myself before and after workouts. Sean is so astute when it comes to nutrition, food groups, (even world/current events, the arts, sports) and what it takes to actually be healthy. It has always been explained to me that it’s not about just getting big muscles, hence his business name which includes the words “Total Balance Health & Fitness.” That is truly what I’ve received from his training, NOT a gym workout. I hired Sean to TRAIN me and he’s done just that! I’m 48 and now as fit as ever. I recommend him to anyone interested in hiring a TRAINER. Feel free to contact me if you wish to verify my testimonial to him.” — Mark Polak

“If you want an excellent workout that will keep you in shape on many levels, then Sean Kennedy is the trainer for you. Sean is a great trainer. The workout is always interesting and different. It combines numerous elements including aerobic work and weights so the workout never feels routine and you get a great overall workout. Recently I ran into some friends who I haven’t seen in about six months and I was surprised by their compliments. This is proof that Sean’s workouts are good for your body both inside and out.” — Ron Vacchina

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