Circuit & Interval Training

Circuit training utilizes a combination of strength/resistance training and high-intensity aerobic training in a “circuit” of various exercises. This keeps the time between exercises brief and allows rapid transitions from exercise to exercise. Studies show that circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Circuit training targets the whole body in a single workout.

Interval training incorporates short bursts of high-impact cardio, such as jumping rope, cycling and running in place. Interval training is a very efficient way to increase your fitness quickly. Intervals can benefit everyone, from athletes to those with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. In addition to increasing stamina, intervals can also help with weight loss.

Circuit and interval training keep you moving at a quick pace, so you keep your heart rate elevated for the duration of the workout. These techniques are very efficient since there’s no wasted time. Plyometrics, the rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of muscles, are another great way to maintain an elevated heart rate and build stamina/endurance, in addition to strength. Cardiovascular conditioning is vital. After all, your heart is your most important muscle. You can’t be fit without a strong heart!

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